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  1. Behaviour change determinants: the key to successful WASH strategies * (2015)
    Egreteau, D.
  2. HappyTap: Aspirational handwashing device commercialization in Vietnam * (2014)
    Revell, Geoff
  3. Healthy-Home approach: lasting changes in hygiene behaviour in rural Bangladesh * (2015)
    Mukherjee, S
  4. Sustainability of WASH practices: hygiene behaviour in the rural settings of Bangladesh * (2015)
    Dey, N. C.
  5. The role of legalizing water sanitation and hygiene committees on the sustainability of rural water supply schemes in Kindo Koyesha District, Ethiopia * (2015)
    Haile, Dawit
  6. Getting the message right: step by step behaviour change communication to guide change in sanitation in Nepal * (2017)
    Dishwa, Kalpana
  7. Hygiene promotion: Have we got the right answers to the knowledge behaviour gap? Lessons learned from various hygiene interventions led by an international aid organization. * (2017)
    Flachenberg, Franck
  8. Improving WASH service delivery and behaviour change: a pilot study of the Nurturing Care Group model in Ghana * (2021)
    Fosuah, Cynthia
  9. Promoting change in environmental health behaviour * (2000)
    Cave, Ben; Curtis, Valerie; Woodfield, Julie
  10. Urination needs and practices away from home: where do women go? * (2017)
    Cavill, Sue


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