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  1. Assessing the water consumption behaviour at University of Johannesburg * (2021)
    Dinka, Megersa Olumana
  2. Handwashing campaign design following a systematic framework * (2021)
    Kharal, Laxman
  3. Relying on local socio-cultural values to have good hygiene practices permanently adopted * (2016)
    Hamadou, Morou
  4. Supporting WASH behaviour change through water quality testing: Rural mini laboratories in Nepal * (2021)
    Khaitu, Ash Kumar
  5. Water is life, sanitation is dignity. Sanitation preference and household latrine designs. Briefing Note 1 (Water Aid Ethiopia) * (2005)
    Ayele, Manyahishal
  6. Why do women in India not use public toilets? : patterns and determinants of usage by women in Warangal City * (2017)
    Reddy, Malini
  7. Community health volunteers’ capacity for hygiene behaviour change: evidence from urban Kenya * (2017)
    Aseyo, Rose Evalyne
  8. Determining differential preferences of two fluoride mitigation options: a behaviour change field study * (2013)
    Huber, Alexandra C
  9. Drivers of menstrual material disposal and washing practices: why we cannot ignore the behaviour of individuals when making engineering decisions * (2021)
    Robinson, Hannah
  10. Improving sanitation in the Niger Delta * (2017)
    Gilbert, Nancy


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