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  1. Combining sanitation and hand washing promotion: an example from Amhara, Ethiopia * (2011)
    Hernandez, Orlando
  2. G018: Menstruation hygiene management for schoolgirls * (2014)
    Crofts, Tracey; Coates, Sue; Fisher, Julie; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  3. Rural poor choose their water and sanitation services (lessons learned) (1998)
    UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program; Regional Water and Sanitation Group for East Asia and the Pacific (RWSG-EAP); Mukherjee, Nilanjana
  4. Sanitation and hygiene in developing countries: identifying and responding to barriers. A case study from the Democratic Republic of Congo * (2007)
    Tearfund; PPSSP; Overseas Development Administration (ODA)
  5. Sanitation in Cambodia: a review * (2012)
    Davis, Ben; ADRA Cambodia
  6. Encouraging change: sustainable steps in water supply, sanitation and hygiene (2003)
    Sutton, Sally; Nkoloma, Hope; Zambia, Central Board of Health
  7. Piloting a methodology to understand waste reduction behaviour in Charnwood * (2011)
    Hopkins, Joseph
  8. Promoting solar water disinfection in schools: experiences and lessons learnt in Latin America * (2011)
    Schute, M
  9. Engaging with government to scale-up community-based total sanitation in Indonesia * (2011)
    Setiawan, Eka
  10. Rapid action towards ODF in Saharanpur District in India: stunting, menstruation and other innovations in CLTS * (2017)
    Mishra, Vinod Kumar


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