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  1. The petroleum prospects of Botswana
    Botswana, Geological Survey Department
  2. The theory and practice of people's participation in rural development: proceedings of the RECC workshop held in Kanye, Nov 18-22 1985 (1985)
    Tsiane, B.D.; Youngman, F.
  3. The water resources of Botswana: problems, potential and policy [manuscript] (1984)
    Gould, J.E.
  4. Towns and villages of Botswana: 1971 and 1981 population census (1981)
    Botswana, Central Office
  5. Transport statistics: 1986 transport statistics (1986)
    Botswana, Central Statistics Office
  6. Village health committees: viable instruments for community mobilization for primary health care? (1987)
    Botswana, Ministry of Health
  7. Waste Management Act, 1998. No 15 (1998)
    Laws of Botswana; Republic of Botswana
  8. Water pump field tests in Botswana (1986)
    McGowan, Richard; Hodgkin, Jonathan
  9. Western Ngwakelse project: Department of Geological Survey (1976)
    Gale, Ian N.; Botswana, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Water Affairs, Department of Agric
  10. Women's and men's participation in the water sector: an evaluation study with special emphasis on rural village water supply: final report (1991)
    Wapula Nelly Raditloaneng; SIDA Swedish International Development Authority


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