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  1. Progress report: BCL pollution abatement programme (1979)
    Botswana, Department of Mines
  2. Report of the fourth Salaries Review Commission (1985)
    Botswana, Salaries Review Commission
  3. Resources inventory of Botswana: industrial rocks and minerals: mineral resources report No 3 (1973)
    Massey, N.W.D.
  4. Road traffic: chapter 69.01
    Laws of Botswana
  5. Roads and development: vol 1
    Institut des Sciences et des Techniques de L'Equipment et de l'Environment de
  6. Rural ventilated improved pit latrines: a field manual for Botswana (1983)
    TAG Technical Note No 8; Nostrand, John Van; Wilson, J.G.; International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade, Botswana
  7. Rural village water supply : Sebina / Nshakashokwe final design report (1990)
    Nad-Kali Associates (Pty) Ltd; Botswana, Department of Water Affairs
  8. Rural village water supply Lot IV: definite preliminary design report: the river villages: Mabalane, Sikwane, Mathobudukwane, Ramonaka, Malolwane (1992)
    Arup Botswana (Consulting Engineers); Botswana, Department of Water Affairs
  9. Rural water supply design manual: vol 3 (chapters 18-25): design procedures (1989)
    VIAK AB Consulting Engineers and Surveyors; Botswana, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Water Affairs; Department of Water Affairs
  10. Selected economic and social indicators: 20th anniversary issue (1976)
    Botswana, Central Statistics Office, Ministry of Finance and Development Plann


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