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  1. Medical statistics 1982 (1982)
    Botswana, Ministry of Health, Medical Statistics Unit
  2. Medical statistics 1983 (1983)
    Botswana, Ministry of Health, Medical Statistics Unit
  3. National development plan 1985-1991 (1985)
    Botswana, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
  4. National health status evaluation: epidemiological survey (1986)
    Botswana, Ministry of Health Monograph Series No 2
  5. National health status evaluation: monograph series no 3: the pattern of infectious diseases in rural Botswana in relation to some environmental factors (1987)
    Botswana, Ministry of Health
  6. National road safety committee: study report: road safety improvement project
    Botswana, National Road Safety Committee
  7. Nitrate study: progress report (May 1976): Report No BGSD/9/76 (1976)
    Hutton, L.G.; Botswana, Department of Geological Survey
  8. Part 1: the structure and operation of health services in Botswana (1984)
    Botswana, Ministry of Health, National Health Planning Unit
  9. Population of towns, villages and associated localities in August 1991 (1991)
    Botswana, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning; Botswana, Central Statistics Office
  10. Preambles and specifications for civil works (1986)
    Botswana, Housing Corporation


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