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  1. Relying on local socio-cultural values to have good hygiene practices permanently adopted * (2016)
    Hamadou, Morou
  2. Responding to the changing WASH needs in Mali * (2013)
    Samake, Oumar
  3. Supporting WASH behaviour change through water quality testing: Rural mini laboratories in Nepal * (2021)
    Khaitu, Ash Kumar
  4. Understanding livelihoods in rural India: diversity, change and exclusion (2004)
    Ashley, Caroline; Deshingkar, Priya; Farrington, John; Iotti, Livia; Johnson, Craig; Slater, Rachel; Start, Dan; Wiggins, Steve; Overseas Development Institute (ODI); ODI Livelihood Options Study; Department For International Development (DFID)
  5. Viet Nam. Climate change, adaptation and poor people. A report for Oxfam * (2008)
  6. Climate change and smallholder farmers in Malawi. Understanding poor peoples' experiences in climate change adaptation. A report by ActionAid * (2006)
    ActionAid International
  7. Climate impacts on household sanitation and responses: data from low-income urban areas in Indonesia * (2021)
    Kohlitz, Jeremy
  8. Determining differential preferences of two fluoride mitigation options: a behaviour change field study * (2013)
    Huber, Alexandra C
  9. Improving sanitation in the Niger Delta * (2017)
    Gilbert, Nancy
  10. WASH financing: the missing link: initial lessons from Sinapi Aba's pilot in Ghana * (2017)
    Owusu-Dabo, Joyce


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