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  1. Use of mobile phones to promote hygiene and sanitation in northern Uganda * (2013)
    Jalameso, Alex Ojuka
  2. A comparative analysis of the impact of hygiene promotion and sanitation marketing in rural Ethiopia * (2017)
    Garbutt, Camila
  3. A CSIR perspective on water in South Africa 2010 (2010)
    Oelofse, Suzan; Strydom, Wilma; CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment
  4. Community-based methods for exploring climate impacts and responses in gender and socially inclusive rural WASH * (2021)
    Kohlitz, Jeremy
  5. Designing evidence-based and context-specific hygiene programs in emergencies: could there be an app for that? * (2018)
    White, Sian
  6. Getting the message across: an experiment in radio-based water resources management education in Malawi * (2018)
    Nhlema, Muthi
  7. Impact of climate change on WASH Services: a case from Nepal * (2018)
    Ahmad, Tameez
  8. Impacts of climate vulnerable environments on effective sanitation and FSM in rural Cambodia * (2021)
    Abdel-Sattar, Rana
  9. Sand dam resilience for rural water access amid climate change in semi-arid Kenya: sustainable design for drought and flood. * (2021)
    Bogle, Spencer
  10. Using a CLTS approach and/or CLTS tools in urban environments: themes and trends * (2016)
    Myers, J.


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