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  1. Integrating disaster risk management in a WASH programme in Nepal * (2021)
    Shrestha, Arinita Maskey
  2. The decentralisation policy process in Namibia (sponsored by GTZ)
    Mugore, Joseph L.M.; Namibia, Ministry of Regional Local Government and Housing; Republic of Namibia
  3. Trialling innovative sanitation solutions for low-income communities in Dhaka, Bangladesh * (2016)
    Rahman, M. Habibur
  4. Access to water - the impact of climate change in small municipalities * (2007)
    Mukheibir, Pierre; University of Cape Town, Energy Research Centre
  5. Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies (2009)
    Rahman, M. Habibur; Badruzzaman, A.B.M.; Alam, Md. Jobair Bin; Rahman, Md. Mafizur; Ali, M. Ashraf; Noor, Munaz Ahmed; Wadud, Zia; ITN - Bangladesh
  6. Evidence-based emergency response to Covid-19: using data to inform hygiene behaviour change interventions * (2021)
    Gautam, Dr Om Prasad
  7. Faith in the times of corona: behaviour change communication with faith actors in displacement settings * (2021)
    Krishnan, Sneha
  8. Handbook on climate change and disaster resilient water, sanitation and hygiene practices * (2012)
  9. Impacts of climate change on the reservoirs and dams in ZhongXian City in China (2009)
    Yu, Zhou
  10. Implementation of a behaviour change campaign to promote positive household water treatment behaviours in earthquake-affected areas of rural Nepal * (2021)
    Joe, Karen


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