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  1. G020: Preventing the transmission of faecal-oral diseases * (2014)
    Reed, Brian; Skinner, Brian; Scott, Rebecca; Shaw, Rod
  2. G020FR: Prévention de la transmission des maladies féco-orales * (2014)
    Reed, Brian; Skinner, Brian; Scott, Rebecca; Shaw, Rod
  3. Participatory health and hygiene education (theory). Supplementary module 6a (2000)
    WASHE (Water Sanitation Health Education) in Zambia; Water Sector Reform Support Unit
  4. Poster 003: A guide to personal hygiene * (2013)
    Ince, M.E.; Shaw, Rod; Davey, Kay
  5. Poster 004: The 'F' diagram: barriers against faecal-oral diseases * (2012)
    Reed, Brian; Skinner, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  6. Dengue vector control: a proposal for Vietnam (1999)
    Tung, Tran Khac
  7. Ghana water sector improvement project : Assessment of environmental water quality standards (contract no 98 58337) Desk study of health data (1999)
    Quaye, Silas; Pronet; Department For International Development (DFID)
  8. Controlling and preventing disease: The role of water and environmental sanitation interventions * (2003)
    Rottier, Erik; Ince, Margaret
  9. Improving hygienic environments for infants and young children testing playpens for feasibility and appeal in rural households of Amhara, Ethiopia * (2021)
    Rosenbaum, Julia
  10. The outcomes of community-based water, sanitation and hygiene interventions: a case of Bangladesh * (2017)
    Mondal, Biplob Kanti


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