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  1. Community Water and Sanitation Project, Inhambane Province, Final Project Evaluation for Care International Mocambique (Mozambique) (1998)
    Alfonso, J.F.; Nhassango, B. M.; Sutton, S; PRONAR; DA Maxixe; SWL Consultants
  2. Integrated Health, Water and Sanitation Project: Beira and Chibabava District, Sofala Province. Final evaluation (USAID/ Africare Project no 656-0217-G-00-3022-00) (1996)
    Tarrago, Oscar; Martinelli, Giorgio L.
  3. Niassa Rural Water and Sanitation Project (Mozambique). Evaluation of the Information, Education and Communications (IEC) Component, Project 656-0217 (1995)
    Medical Care Development Internationl (MCDI)
  4. A.I.D. Evaluation Summary, part 1, Village Level Water and Sanitation (VLWS), 505-0024 (1992)
    USAID US Agency for International Development
  5. Evaluation of the Water and Environmental Sanitation programme WES, Uganda (1997)
    Wang, Clifford; Poluha, Eva; Thorvaldsson, Jerker; Mutono, Sam; Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
  6. USAID Equador, A.I.D. Evaluation Summary (Part 2) (1993)
    USAID US Agency for International Development
  7. "But how does it compare with the real data?" (Lessons from an RRA training exercise in Western Nepal) * (1992)
    Gill, Gerard J.; Nepal, HMG Ministry of Agriculture
  8. FGN/UNICEF Water and Environmental Sanitation Programme, Nigeria. Evaluation report. Parts one - three: main report (2001)
    Jawara, D.; Barker, P.; Colin, J.S.; Hellandendu, J.; Okuofu, C.; Parry-Jones, Sarah; Yakubu, M.; Wedgwood, A.
  9. Haiti earthquake response. Mapping and analysis of gaps and duplications in evaluations * (2011)
    Haver, Katherine; Rencoret, Nicole; Humanitarian Outcomes
  10. Lessons from WaterAid's multi-country WASH in Schools programme * (2017)
    Hinds, Ruth


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