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  1. Effectiveness of alum in removing arsenic from groundwater (2007)
    Jalil, Md. Abdul; Habib, Md. Ehosan; ITN - Bangladesh
  2. Flow into infilltration galleries (1994)
    Gebeyehu, Welansa
  3. Natural clay based adsorbent for defluoridation of groundwater: optimization of adsorption conditions * (2013)
    Gitari, W M
  4. Simplified drought monitoring: drawing Lessons from the installation of groundwater early warning system in the south of Madagascar * (2021)
    Koslengar, Mougabe
  5. Towards community management in borehole water supply in Malawi (1998)
    Kwaule, Fabiano
  6. Water in the Gaza Strip: an evolution of protracted crisis and persistent adaptation * (2016)
    Safi, Ahmad Saleh; Muhaisen, Tayseer; Ayesh, Adnan; Abu Qamar, Mazen; Agricultural Development Association (PARC)
  7. Rural water supply in the N.W. region of Ethiopia (1986)
    Shenkut, Mesfin
  8. Artificial groundwater recharge of the Wadi Aljizzi catchment, Sohar (1996)
    Al-Jabri, Kassim Mana
  9. Disposal of sludge from water treatment plants polluted with arsenic. Version 1 (18 DTP Bangladesh) (1997)
    Berg, R. van den; DHV Consultants
  10. Establishing a groundwater management strategy for North-East Nigeria * (2021)
    Heath, Tom


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