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  1. Exploitation of shallow groundwater in rural areas (1985)
    Akbar, S.
  2. Groundwater supply sustainability in fragile states: a case study examining challenges and approaches * (2017)
    Evans, Paul
  3. Impact of anthropogenic activities and salinity on groundwater quality in a typical coastal basin, West Africa * (2021)
    Egbi, Courage Davidson
  4. La deferrisation des eaux de forage: synthese des techniques experimentees avec succes par la CREPA [iron removal from borehole water: review of successful experimental techniques by CREPA] - document technique no 1 - 1996 (1996)
    Centre Regional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement a faible cout (CREPA)
  5. Performance of iron removal plants on groundwater: field assessment in Central Uganda * (2016)
    Okurut, Kenan
  6. Report on the shallow well survey in Navrongo, Zebilla, Binaba-Kusanaba & Sandema communities - Ghana GWSC Assistance Project, CIDA Project 400/12342 (1993)
    Wardrop Engineering Inc
  7. Second Fadama Seminar held at Azare Mar 6 - 8 1984 (1984)
    Chapman, N.P.; Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme; BSADP Northern Zone
  8. Arsenic mitigation in Bangladesh: an outcome of the International workshop on arsenic mitigation in Bangladesh, Dhaka, 14-16 January, 2002 (2002)
    Ahmed, M. Feroze; Ahmed, Chowdhury Mufad
  9. Biologically enhanced removal of iron from groundwater (2000)
    Evans, R.M.
  10. Computer analysis of step drawdown tests (1987)
    Hasan, F.S.


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