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  1. E. coli contamination of mountain springs used for drinking water and drilled well alternatives * (2018)
    Resto, Monica
  2. Groundwater quality in shallow unconfined sedimentary aquifers in Bida, Nigeria * (2016)
    Abdullahi, Idris-Nda
  3. Microbial contamination of groundwater self-supply in low-and middle income countries: systematic review and meta-analysis * (2021)
    Genter, Franziska
  4. Multiple benefits of improved groundwater for low-income urban communities in Kisumu, Kenya * (2013)
    Philip, Serene Praveena
  5. Optimising resistivity profiling by the use of electrode array configuration (1983)
    Mberede, L.O.
  6. Qualitative and quantitative study of infiltration water (1981)
    Ibrahim, Hayder Zayed
  7. The contamination of shallow ground water by pit latrines in Maputaland - observations from the field (1999)
    Deverill, Paul; Cook, Charlotte; Nash, Stephen; Partners in Development; European Union; Mvula Trust
  8. The relationship between permeability and rock properties (1987)
    Anegbode, Odianosen
  9. A protocol to manage the potential of groundwater contamination from on site sanitation (includes 2 computer disks) * (1997)
    National Sanitation Co-ordination Office (NaSCO); Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF); Directorate of Geohydrology
  10. An investigation of causes for continued installation of tubewells in arsenic-affected areas of Cambodia [Distance Learning] (2012)
    Purchas, Harriette K.


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