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  1. Handpump maintenance strategy for Sokoto State (1990)
    Mera, I.M.
  2. Handpumps as teaching demonstrators (1988)
    Skinner, B.H.
  3. The impact of procurement and siting procedures on handpump functionality in Uganda * (2018)
    Liddle, Elisabeth
  4. The Tara handpump. Production manual and drawings. International version. (1988)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); DPHE
  5. Determinants of hand-pumped borehole functionality: preliminary evidence from Ethiopia, Malawi and Uganda * (2021)
    MacAllister, Donald John
  6. Elevated hand pump installed with reservoir to supply water taps in Ethiopian schools * (2013)
    Moreland, Leslie
  7. Handpump maintenance in South India (third of a series of leaflets) (1998)
    WaterAid South India Office (WASIO)
  8. Handpump plinth design and construction (1984)
    Hotchkiss, P.K.
  9. Low cost, small-scale desalination using pressure-driven membranes in combination with handpumps [Distance Learning] (2012)
    Groves, Stephen John
  10. The development of the rope-washer pump (1990)
    Muhangi, J.K.S.


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