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  1. Life cycle analysis: assessing the capital and operational expenditure of handpump preventive maintenance * (2018)
    Butterworth, Sam
  2. People, water & sanitation. What they know, believe and do in rural India (1990)
    National Drinking Water Mission; India, Government of; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  3. North East Arid Zone Development Programme handpump programme, Nigeria (1994)
    Hamza, A.N.
  4. Rural water supply and environmental sanitation programme in India: third progress report (July 1993 - June 1994) PBA Ref SC/91/0453/1 (1994)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Government of Sweden
  5. Rural water supply and sanitation handbook for extension workers Volume 2 - Technology development handbook (2002)
    Carl Bro International; Uganda, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
  6. Small-scale water supply: A review of technologies (2003)
    Skinner, Brian
  7. Sustainable water resources for Sub-Saharan Africa: a matter of appropriate technology and gender aware community participation [part of the Master of Social Development Projects Program SOCW7858 - University of New South Wales] (2010)
    Cohen, Simon
  8. A monitoring and evaluation system for the RUWASA project (Rural Water and Sanitation East Uganda Project WDD-DANIDA) (1991)
    Rural Water and Sanitation Uganda Project WDD-DANIDA; Coleman, Gilroy; Carl Bro International; Overseas Development Group, University of East Anglia
  9. Adezai pilot project, Pakistan (1994)
    Colin, J.S.
  10. Report on the visit to Sri Lanka 11-25 March 1993. Dr P.R. Lewis and Mr P. Hargreaves [Faculty of Technology, The Open University] (1993)
    Open University (OU); Lewis, P.R.; Hargreaves, P.


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