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  1. The sustainability of hand pumps in Konso District, Ethiopia from a household water security perspective [Distance Learning] (2012)
    Arlt, Manfred
  2. Towards sustainable water-supply solutions in rural Sierra Leone. A pragmatic approach, using comparisons with Mozambique * (2006)
    Magrath, John; Oxfam GB
  3. Trainers manual for operators and supervisors (1990)
    WaterAid; Ghana, Integrated Social Development Center (ISODEC); Ghana, National Service Secretariat; Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation (GWSC)
  4. Treadle pump for irrigation in Zambia (1992)
    Mtonga, Jasper
  5. A monitoring and evaluation system for the RUWASA project (Rural Water and Sanitation East Uganda Project WDD-DANIDA) (1991)
    Rural Water and Sanitation Uganda Project WDD-DANIDA; Coleman, Gilroy; Carl Bro International; Overseas Development Group, University of East Anglia
  6. Adezai pilot project, Pakistan (1994)
    Colin, J.S.
  7. Bangladesh rural water supply and environmental sanitation programme. Report No. 2 on DPHE Research and Development Activities (1984)
    DPHE; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); WHO World Health Organization; Danida
  8. Community managed rural water supplies in Alebtong and Kole Districts in Northern Uganda (2016)
    McQueen, Ross
  9. Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation and Development Fund (ESRDF): technical design manual (1997)
    Carl Bro International; Metaferia Consulting Engineers plc
  10. L'alimentation en eau et les installations sanitaires pour les personnes handicapees et autres groupes vulnerables: La conception des services permettant d'ameliorer l'accessibilite (Water and sanitation for disabled people and other vulnerable groups) (2006)
    Jones, Hazel; Reed, Bob


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