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  1. Poster 032: Direct action handpumps * (2013)
    Skinner, Brian; Chatterton, Ken; McMahon, Glenda
  2. Poster 046: Suction pumps * (2013)
    Skinner, Brian; Shaw, Rod; Davey, Kay
  3. Handpump standardization workshop report: Department of Hydrology, Water Management Office, Teuk Thla (Feb 17-18 1993) (1993)
    UNICEF Handpump Selection Project; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); OXFAM
  4. Inspection report. I. Rutwatsan I & II handpumps, uPVC casing pipes & screen pipes. II. Factory visits to uPVC pipe manufacturers - UNICEF Contract SSA/NGRA/00/00001975-0 (2000)
    Vasudevan, T.R.; Crown Agents Services Ltd India
  5. "Do it yourself" technical manual for Uganda Two Hand pump mechanics (1995)
    Uganda, Directorate of Water Development; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  6. Community based water source and sanitation monitoring/maintenance systems - World Vision's experience in Luwero District: workshop notes, 1st July - 3rd August 1990, Kampala International Conference Centre (1990)
    World Vision
  7. G003: Apron slabs for water points: an engineer's guide * (2011)
    Skinner, Brian; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  8. Handpump installation (1984)
    Charlish, M.J.
  9. Piloting private spare parts supply shops for Afridev handpump in Amhara to scale - up in country and beyond * (2009)
    Mihretie, A D S
  10. Plan de evaluacion de bombas centroamericanas en Honduras (evaluation plan for central american pumps in honduras): resumen del taller centroamericano de bombas manuales, San Pedro Sula, Honduras (1993)
    Grupo colaborativo del agua y saneamiento de Honduras; Brand, Anthony


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