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  1. Sewage treatment by institutions in Nigeria: a case study of University College Hospital, Ibadan (2014)
    Ajiboye, Jolajesu Opeyemi
  2. Shock chlorination: the solution to safer water? * (2018)
    Verkerk, Adriana
  3. Sustainability of community managed rural water supply in post-conflict regions of Northern Uganda [Distance Learning] (2013)
    Truelove, Julie A.
  4. Technological options for sanitation (2008)
    Patel, Ishwarbhai; Environmental Sanitation Institute (ESI)
  5. The importance of Integrated Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Projects (I RWSSP) in Mutoko District - Zimbabwe in improving the health conditions and quality of life (1993)
    Samaneka, R.A.
  6. The treadle pump: manual irrigation for small farmers in Bangladesh (1991)
    Orr, Alastair; Islam, A.S.M. Nazrul; Barnes, Gunnar; Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service (RDRS)
  7. Use of the Solomon MK2 handpump on the Guadalcanal Plains, Solomon Islands (1990)
    Kirby, N.R.P.
  8. Village water committees in the northern region of lesotho: options for improving their effectiveness (1990)
    Davies, Rick; Centre for Development Studies, University of Wales, Swansea
  9. VIP latrines in a refugee context in Nepal. Experiences of LWS [Lutheran World Service] in the performance of VIP latrines (1995)
    Puddifoot, Jonathan
  10. Water distribution system for Minya community of Ikot Abasi local government (1984)
    Archibong, A.A.


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