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  1. Monitoring and management of climate resilient water services in the Afar and Somali regions of Ethiopia * (2018)
    Butterworth, John
  2. Operation, maintenance and sustainability of services for the urban poor: Findings, lessons learned and case studies summary and analysis * (2001)
    Sohail, M.; Cavill, S.; Cotton, A.P.
  3. Planning preventive maintenance. A case study in Nigeria (1985)
    Adeyemi, T.A.T.
  4. Preventive maintenance (1981)
    Hosein, J.
  5. Rehabilitation of boreholes in Akwa Ibom State (1991)
    Akama, L.J.
  6. School sanitation complex. Technical guide (2008)
    Patel, Ishwarbhai; Environmental Sanitation Institute (ESI)
  7. Sewage management for developing countries (1983)
    Jusoh, Abdul Hadi
  8. Sewerage, drainage and treatment plants. Responsibilities, finances, issues and policy changes needed (1999)
    Task Force on Municipal Services
  9. Some aspects of operation and maintenance of rural water supply schemes in Tanzania (1983)
    Materu, L.W.
  10. Sustainability of motorised borehole-based water systems in Somali region of Ethiopia [Distance Learning] (2015)
    Jockus, Zamari


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