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  1. Guidelines for peak flood estimation for design of culverts and bridges and design of spillway of dams (WRB No TP 12) (1987)
    Malawi, Ministry of Works and Supplies, Department of Water; United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  2. How to build a low-cost pit latrine (1983)
    Malawi Rural Housing Project; UNCHS United Nations Centre for Human Settlements; UNDP United Nations Development Programme
  3. Lilongwe City sanitation development plan feasibility study Volume 1 draft report (1990)
    Malawi, Republic of, Ministry of Local Government Lilongwe City Council; Lahmeyer International
  4. Lilongwe outline zoning scheme (1986)
    Malawi Government. Office of the President and Cabinet, Town and Country Plann
  5. Lilongwe water supply and sanitation master plan appendix III Sanitation (1983)
    Malawi Government. Office of the President and Cabinet, Town and Country Plann; Stanley International
  6. Low-cost groundwater development: an African regional seminar held at Lilongwe, Malawi (6-8 Dec 1982) : Manual for integrated projects for rural groundwater supplies (1983)
    UNDP United Nations Development Programme
  7. Malawi city council's Town clerks project: management guidelines (1991)
    Malawi, City of Blantyre
  8. Malawi first urban housing project progress report no. 16 (1990)
    Malawi Housing Corporation
  9. Malawi Institution of Engineers. Constitution, corrected Sept 2003 (2003)
    Malawi Institution of Engineers
  10. Malawi population and housing census 1987: summary of final results Volume 1 (1987)
    Malawi, Republic of, National Statistical Office


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