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  1. The Afridev pump - problems and solutions * (2001)
    Hankin, P
  2. Water Resources Data 1985 - 86 Year Book: an account of river flows, lake levels, reservoir levels and water quality November 1985 to October 1986 (1988)
    Malawi, Ministry of Works, Water Resources Branch
  3. Waterworks Act no 17 of 1995 (Water Boards, Membership, Powers and Duties, etc.), More recent than the Water Act (1995)
    Malawi Government
  4. A regional analysis of river floods and low flows in Malawi (WRB No TP 8) (1980)
    Drayton, R.S.; Kidd, C.H.R.; Mandeville, A.N.; Miller, J.B.
  5. Country aid programme statement - Malawi (1997)
    Department For International Development (DFID)
  6. Epidemiology of diarrhoeal disease in rural Malawi - a case study of cryptosporidiosis * (2008)
    Morse, T D
  7. Malawi case study. Strengthening the capacity of water utilities to deliver water and sanitation services, environmental health and hygiene education to low income urban communities. Blantyre Water Board. Final report (2000)
    Chilowa, Wycliffe Robert; Chinsinga, Blessings; Blantyre Water Board
  8. Malawi's hydrology: a responsive phenomenon (WRB-TP No 17) (1991)
    Malawi, Ministry of Works, Water Resources Branch; Kafundu, R.D.; Laisi, E.Z.
  9. Water resources assessment activities in Malawi (WRB-TP No 16) (1991)
    Malawi, Ministry of Works, Water Resources Branch; Laisi, E.Z.
  10. Design approach of the Blantyre wastewater treatment plant; Malawi; using the Ed-Wave tool * (2009)
    Chipofya, Victor


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