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  1. Water for all: a description of rural water projects in Malawi (1985)
    Jones, Christopher Neil
  2. Water resources data 1985-86 yearbook: an account of river flows, lake levels, reservoir levels and water quality November 1985 to October 1986 (1986)
    Malawi, Ministry of Works, Water Resources Branch
  3. WaterAid and its partners in Malawi. An evaluation of the Country Programme. Final version (2004)
    Gomme, Joe; Mbewe, Isaac; Muhuwa, Hermis; Milazi, Linda; WaterAid
  4. A linear regression model for forecasting monthly discharges of Malawi rivers (WRB-TP No 18) (1992)
    Malawi, Ministry of Works, Water Resources Branch; Laisi, E.Z.
  5. A study of the causes of the abnormally high levels of Lake Malawi in 1979 (WRD-TP No 5) (1979)
    Malawi, Ministry of Works, Water Resources Division; Drayton, R.S.
  6. A summary of rainfall, pan evaporation and temperature data at pan evaporation stations in Malawi Annex II Central region (WRD-TP No 3B) (1979)
    Malawi, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Water Resources Branch; Velden, J. Van der
  7. Assessing sustainability - the sustainability snapshot * (2001)
    Sugden, S
  8. Community Based Management for Sustainable Water Supply in Malawi * (2008)
    Matamula, Swithern
  9. Community based rural water supply, sanitation and hygene education, implementation manual (1999)
    Malawi, Ministry of Water Development
  10. Community management of rural water supply * (1997)
    Mpanje, Loveness


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