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  1. Federal Ministry of Water Resources Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation Programme - Framework for monitoring and evaluation of the water and sanitation sector, Nigeria. Final report February 2004 (2004)
    Parkman Consultants Ltd; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  2. How to climate proof water and sanitation services in the peri-urban areas in Naivasha (2010)
    Heath, Tom; Parker, Alison; Weatherhead, Keith; Cranfield University; Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)
  3. Monitoring of drinking water distribution system by SCADA in Antalya City, Turkey * (2011)
    Muhammetoglu, Habib
  4. Pathways to professionalised community water services in a protracted crisis: a case from Juba * (2018)
    Matoso, Mariana de Sousa
  5. An analysis of a waste stabilisation pond system in the United Kingdom (2008)
    Rinnhofer, Bernhard
  6. Can direct benefit transfer strengthen the Swachh Bharat Mission? Learnings from three districts in Madhya Pradesh, India * (2018)
    Singh, Kanika
  7. Pakistan water quality mapping and management project. Scoping study - draft final report May 2001 (2001)
    Chilton, P.J; Jamieson, D.; Abid, M.S.; Milne, C.J.; Ince, M.E.; Aziz, J.A.
  8. A household water treatment implementation framework: lessons learnt from the diversity of implementation worldwide * (2011)
    Schuelert, Laura
  9. Drinking water quality surveillance and monitoring in Lao PDR. Report on DWQM and laboratory equipment and facilities (2002)
    Ince, Margaret; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  10. Evaluation of different strategies for deploying the H2S test to detect microbial contamination of drinking water * (2011)
    Wright, Jim


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