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  1. Factors which facilitate the use of data to improve small drinking-water supplies * (2021)
    Herschan, Jo
  2. Guidelines for the disposal of waste by landfill (1997)
    Department of Sanitation and Waste Management (DSWM)
  3. Indicator framework for monitoring SDG target on sanitation: a review through the lens of human rights * (2016)
    Gine Garriga, Ricard
  4. National Environmental Quality Monitoring Programme (draft) (1992)
    Environmental Protection Council, Ghana
  5. Water quality surveillance: a practical guide * (2002)
    Howard, Guy
  6. Applying ICT to solve complex WASH challenges: insights and early lessons from the water and health sectors * (2013)
    Schaub-Jones, David
  7. Community participation in monitoring. Supplementary module 7m (2000)
    WASHE (Water Sanitation Health Education) in Zambia; Water Sector Reform Support Unit
  8. Effective communication of MDG Target 10 - is information reaching the intended users? (2005)
    Waddell, E.A.
  9. Evolving water point mapping to strategic decision making in rural Malawi * (2018)
    Miller, Alexandra
  10. Smart-phone drives performance and enhances WASH services delivery in communities in Nigeria * (2017)
    Nadar, Kannan


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