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  1. Pakistan. Mission report. Water quality mapping; urban environmental sanitation and other environmental issues; SAPP II supervison; scheme categorisation and transfer strategies; qualitative monitoring indicators; finalisation of RWSSP, NWFP; BRUWAS review. Draft (1998)
    Abid, Muhammad; Department For International Development (DFID)
  2. Road Safety Improvement Project. Final report. Phase 1. Driver training and licensing (Appendix D) (1987)
  3. Simplified drought monitoring: drawing Lessons from the installation of groundwater early warning system in the south of Madagascar * (2021)
    Koslengar, Mougabe
  4. Community quality control monitoring of latrines and boreholes in the central north region of Burkina Faso * (2018)
    Kere, Cyrille
  5. Establishing a groundwater management strategy for North-East Nigeria * (2021)
    Heath, Tom
  6. Lessons learned from monitoring of Covid-19 response in Nepal * (2021)
    Dhakal, Surendra Babu
  7. LifePump usage data for developing handpump predictive maintenance analytics * (2021)
    Robinson, Naja
  8. Making WASH monitoring and evaluation work for everyone: the experience of the DRC WASH Consortium * (2017)
    Melloni, Gian Maria
  9. Report on the shallow well survey in Navrongo, Zebilla, Binaba-Kusanaba & Sandema communities - Ghana GWSC Assistance Project, CIDA Project 400/12342 (1993)
    Wardrop Engineering Inc
  10. Road Safety Improvement Project. Final report. Phase 1. Law enforcement (Appendix G) (1987)


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