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  1. Partnerships to improve access and quality of public transport - A case report: Faisalabad, Pakistan * (2003)
    Khan, Atta Ullah; Hassan, Wajid; Sohail, M.
  2. Promoting rainwater harvesting through the private sector * (2011)
    Naugle, Jonathan
  3. Provision of water and sanitation services to small towns. Lessons from case studies in Uganda and India: part A - lessons learned * (2000)
    Colin, Jeremy; Morgan, Joy; Woodfield, Julie
  4. Small-scale independent providers. 30 years of urban experiences in the Philippines *
    Philippines, Water Supply and Sanitation Performance Enhancement Project (WPEP)
  5. Small-scale private sector participation in Niassa, Mozambique. New rules, new roles. Does PSP benefit the poor? * (2003)
    WaterAid; Tearfund
  6. Strategies for increasing private sector participation in solid waste services in Pakistan. A sector study. Draft (1996)
    World Bank
  7. Contracts and commerce in water services in Uganda: the impact of private sector participation on rural poor in Uganda. New rules, new roles. Does PSP benefit the poor? (2003)
    Barungi, Adela; Kasaija, Josephine; Obote, Paito; WaterAid; Tearfund
  8. Households' approach to solid waste management: a study from Accra (2002)
    Addo-Yobo, F.N.
  9. PPP and the Poor: Case Study - Kibera. Small water enterprises and water provision in Kibera, Nairobi. * (2002)
    Munguti, Katui-Katua; McGranahan, Gordon; Sohail, M.
  10. Should we bet on private or public water utilities in Cambodia? Evidence on incentives and performance from seven provincial towns * (2002)
    Garn, Mike; Isham, Jonathan; Kahkonen, Satu; Middlebury College, Department of Economics


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