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  1. Evaluating projects using data envelopment analysis (1991)
    Kabirizi, Aaron Mwidu
  2. Infrastructure for all: Meeting the needs of both men and women in development projects - a practical guide for engineers, technicians and project managers * (2007)
    Reed, Brian
  3. People and development. Experiences from Tanzania and Northern Pakistan (1992)
    Reynolds, Samantha
  4. Process monitoring for improving sustainability. A manual for project managers and staff [Includes 2 disks] (1999)
    NWFP Community Infrastructure Project (CIP); Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
  5. International collaboration to implement the scalable and affordable fluoride removal (SAFR) process in East Africa * (2018)
    Cherukumilli, Katya
  6. Orangi Pilot Project institutions and programs. 108th quarterly report Oct/Nov/Dec 2006 (2006)
    Pakistan, Orangi Pilot Project (OPP)
  7. Orangi Pilot Project institutions and programs. 107th quarterly report July/Aug/Sept 2006 (2006)
    Pakistan, Orangi Pilot Project (OPP)
  8. Working with communities (2001)
    Hasan, Arif
  9. Orangi Pilot Project institutions and programs. 106th quarterly report April/May/June 2006 (2006)
    Pakistan, Orangi Pilot Project (OPP)
  10. Timor Leste rural water supply guidelines. Section 1 Principles, standards and criteria. Section 2 Project cycle and community management process. Section 3 Technological options and standards. Section 4 Documentation requirements. Section 5 Standard drawings [ring binder with CDROM] (2010)
    Timor-Leste Ministerio das Infra-Estruturas; Australian Government Aid Program


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