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  1. Investigating the attitudes of engineers to implementing new sanitation technologies in emergencies; using Urine Diversion (UD) as a case study (2010)
    Shaylor, Esther
  2. Livelihoods and gender in sanitation, hygiene & water services among the urban poor (Maili Saba Research Report) (2005)
    Kuria, David; Intermediate Technology Development Group - Practical Action
  3. Practical approaches to minimize drinking water contamination risks: a case study in Faridpur, Banagladesh (2010)
    Kim, Han Chul
  4. Report on traditional latrine usage and hygiene knowledge, attitude and practices of communities in Benue, Cross River and Enugu States (Zone A), Nigeria
    Amazigo, U.; Uwaegbute, A.; Ndu, A.; Ene-Obong, N.; University of Nigeria, NSUKKA; University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  5. Sanitation upgrading: the on-plot to off-plot interface (1992)
    Scott Robson, Theron A.
  6. Baseline survey. Analysis of the baseline conditions in the poverty pockets. Bhopal (2007)
    WaterAid India; UN-HABITAT
  7. Environmental sanitation - interventions into seasonal cholera outbreaks in Lusaka [Distance Learning] (2007)
    Mulenga, Chibesa Z.
  8. Private sector participation analysis for longgang water utility (China) (2005)
    Zhe, Lin
  9. Reducing the cost of environmental compliance in coffee wetmill wastewaters. An investigation into using the permanganate value as a surrogate for 5-day BOD5 and COD analysis [Distance Learning] (2013)
    Mwampamba, Nangula Heita
  10. History of water and sanitation in the UK: the impact on the domestic lives of women (2015)
    Chen, Ci


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