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  1. Sustainable EcoSan - a case study of Menge Woreda, Ethiopia [Distance Learning] (2009)
    Tadesse, Shibabaw
  2. The impact and monitoring of sanitation and hygiene interventions in child survival and development in sub Saharan Africa * (2011)
    Feng, Lin
  3. The use of soap in Dar es Salaam to inform a social marketing strategy (2001)
    Couch, R.A.
  4. Trickling filters wastewater treatment echnology in the UK: current status and future prospects (2007)
    Olajubu, Victor Bamidele
  5. Towards high customer satisfaction in Brunei Water Utility (2007)
    Ibrahim, Pengiran Mohd. Zaki Bin Pengiran Haji
  6. Towards optimised collaboration between medical and WASH teams in cholera outbreak control for an organisation such as MSF (2016)
    Leray, Vincent
  7. Water Resources Management Strategy. Report on consultation and participation process for special groups (NGOs) in Nigeria (2001)
    Awobiyi, Isaac Ayotunde
  8. Accountability arrangements to combat corruption in the delivery of infrastructure services in Bangladesh: A case study * (2007)
    Institute for Development Policy Analysis and Advocacy (IDPAA) at PROSHIKA; Sohail, M.
  9. Accountability arrangements to combat corruption in the housing and municipal sector in Ukraine: Case study * (2007)
    Kyrylchuk, Ihor; Sohail, M.
  10. Clay brick well linings for isolated communities (1999)
    Godfrey, S.E.N.


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