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  1. Boneya village water supply, Ethiopia (1994)
    Megerssa, Tadewos
  2. Mobile phones as a tool for citizen monitoring of water supplies in rural Tanzania * (2011)
    Taylor, Ben
  3. The SMART approach: a solution for the hard to reach? * (2018)
    Holtslag, Henk
  4. Abandoning community management for professionalization of water supply in rural Benin * (2011)
    Le Gouais, Anna
  5. Clay, conductivity and rural water supplies. A hydrogeological investigation [CD of Excel spreadsheets held separately] * (2013)
    Clarke, Gary
  6. PIHS Pakistan Integrated Household Survey. Round 2: 1996-97 (1999)
    Federal Bureau of statistics; Government of Pakistan, Statistics Division
  7. Sustainable water resources for Sub-Saharan Africa: a matter of appropriate technology and gender aware community participation [part of the Master of Social Development Projects Program SOCW7858 - University of New South Wales] (2010)
    Cohen, Simon
  8. Community management of water points in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: identifying success factors * (2018)
    Nilsson, Kristina
  9. Functional sustainability in community water and sanitation. A case study from South-West Uganda * (2006)
    Carter, Richard C.; Rwamwanja, Ronnie; Tearfund; Church of Uganda, Diocese of Kigezi; Cranfield University
  10. Operation and maintenance of rural water supply facilities in the Eastern Province of Rwanda (2016)
    Munakata, Atsushi


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