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  1. GHG emissions: a life cycle assessment for municipal solid waste in Indore, India (2008)
    Shrotriya, Vivek
  2. Households' approach to solid waste management: a study from Accra (2002)
    Addo-Yobo, F.N.
  3. Lessons from community-based solid waste initiatives * (1999)
    Ali, Mansoor; Snel, Marielle; Woodfield, Julie
  4. Philippines environment monitor 2004. Assessing progress * (2004)
    World Bank
  5. Phnom Penh - Asian Development Bank. Partnerships for a cleaner city. Lessons on managing the urban environment * (2008)
    Asian Development Bank (ADB); Japan Fund for Povery Reduction
  6. Reaching the unreached - Challenges for the 21st century: Proceedings of the 22nd WEDC Conference, New Delhi, India 9-13 September 1996 * (1996)
    Pickford, John
  7. Solid waste disposal problems in Lagos (1991)
    Asade, O.
  8. Yemen. Emergency waste assessment * (2015)
    Forni, Olmo; Short, Aiden; Grundy, Ben; Bjerregaard, Martin; Salemdeeb, Ramy; UNDP United Nations Development Programme
  9. Environmental management training project: instructor's manual (1993)
    DanEduc Consulting; Pathmark Associates Limited; Bangladesh, Department of Environment; Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  10. How might public private partnerships sustain solid waste management services in Bamako, Mali? A case study [Distance Learning] (2013)
    Kohlmus, Wilhelm


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