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  1. Microcredit for development. The impact of the OPP-Orangi Charitable Trust Microcredit Programme on urban livelihoods (2003)
    Zaidi, S. Akbar; Orangi Pilot Project (OPP); Orangi Charitable Trust
  2. The issues of urban stormwater management in Karachi, Pakistan (2011)
    Rizvi, Syed Rizwan Ali
  3. Urban Resource Centre, Karachi. Activity report January - June 2000 (2000)
    Pakistan , Urban Resource Centre (URC)
  4. Urban water demand management. Draft report (2000)
    Deverill, Paul; Herbertson, Peter
  5. Water and sanitation in urban Malawi: can the Millennium Development Goals be met? A study of informal settlements in three cities * (2009)
    Manda, Mtafu A. Zeleza; Alma Consultancy
  6. Water supply and sanitation sector (PWD Part II B 22) (2002)
    Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  7. Water: more for some . . . . . . or some for more? Monitoring equity in water and sanitation (2008)
    Taylor, Ben; WaterAid Tanzania; TAWASANET; Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network
  8. Zambia: debt & poverty (1989)
    Clark, John; Allison, Caroline
  9. Economical Access-ways Construction for Low Income Housing Schemes at Lahore (1990)
    Manzoor, Rashad
  10. Groundwater pollution in urban Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Assessing vulnerability and protection priorities (PhD thesis Eindhoven University of Technology) (2002)
    Mato, Rubhera Rukumbuja Aloyce Mtani


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