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  1. Mingora : the unplanned city - dynamics of development and public participation (2002)
    Hisam, Zeenat; Viaro, Alain; Graduate Institute of Development Studies, Geneva
  2. Pointed gaps in the provision; quality; patronage and management of toilet facilities in Bawku East District * (2009)
    Tiimub, B M
  3. Process of change - field notes: Capacity building in primary collection of solid waste * (2000)
    Ali, Mansoor; Cotton, Andrew
  4. Review of U.N.W.R.A. environmental health facilities (1988)
    Al-Abdallah, I.A.
  5. Sanitation 'secrets' and menstrual hygiene management: what can perimenopausal women tell us? * (2018)
    Bhakta, Amita
  6. Strategies for increasing private sector participation in solid waste services in Pakistan. A sector study. Draft (1996)
    World Bank
  7. Technology selection for faecal sludge management in Lagos State (Lagos mainland case study) (1996)
    Ayeni, Rasheed Abiodun
  8. The use of effluents for irrigation : a proposal for Pernambuco, Brazil (1983)
    Dacosta, Sandra Vaz
  9. To what extent is the integrated solid waste management in Brunei sustainable? Case study: Kampong Ayer (2011)
    Haji Ramli, Nawwarah
  10. Towards decentralized biogas generation: building community scale biogas reactor * (2017)
    Radu, Tanja


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