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  1. Central sewage system for Taiping municipal council (1984)
    Kamal, Mustapha bin Abu Bakar
  2. Drawing water: A resource book of illustrations on water and sanitation in low-income countries * (2005)
    Shaw, Rod
  3. Households' roles, responsibilities and effective demand for improved solid waste management in Nairobi [Distance Learning] (2006)
    Afullo, Augustine
  4. Hydraulics of waste stablization ponds (1981)
    Msimbe, L.G.D.
  5. Integrated solid waste management plan for a medium city - a case study of India [Distance Learning] (2005)
    Satyanarayana, P.
  6. Problems in the Dar-es-Salaam sewerage systems and recommendations for future operation and maintenance (1984)
    Msami, J.H.M.
  7. Procurement for purchasing solid waste collection vehicles and sanitary landfill equipment for the developing countries (1998)
    Bage, Musa Sani
  8. Sanitation manual - design procedures: a source of reference on basic sanitary engineering with design criteria for solutions considered appropriate for local conditions. Concentrates on potential problems and available solutions, particularly low-cost techniques for sewage disposal (1990)
    Swedish Association of Local Authorities (SALA)
  9. Sewer network and sanitation to Kandy town, Sri Lanka (1986)
    Supramaniam, A.
  10. Solid waste collection and disposal in high and low-income countries: case study Nairobi and Kisumu (2009)
    Okeke, Emeka Moses


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