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  1. An appraisal framework: Energy From Waste (EFW) plants for developing countries (2003)
    Vordoagu, Willy C.K.
  2. No fire without smoke! A critical look at municipal and hazardous waste incineration (1996)
    Chaturvedi, Bharati; Agarwal. Ravi
  3. Landfilling healthcare waste. Sustainable method of disposal or threat to public health? (1997)
    Bostoen, Kristof
  4. Sharps in health care waste management (2002)
    Serra, Nuria
  5. Solid radio active waste management in Malaysia (1985)
    Othman, S.B.
  6. An assessment of restaurant food waste management in Chengdu, China between 2010-2020 * (2021)
    Chen, Guanhua
  7. Solid waste management (2001)
    Ismail, Aquila; Urban Resource Center (URC)
  8. Integrated National Waste Management Policy (2012)
    Government of Sierra Leone, Ministry of Health and Sanitation
  9. Integrated National Waste Management Stragegy (2012)
    Government of Sierra Leone, Ministry of Health and Sanitation
  10. Managing municipal solid waste through household waste reduction strategy: a case study of selected households in Lokoja, Nigeria * (2021)
    Ataguba, Clement Oguche


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