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  1. Unleashing sanitation solutions in Alabama's Black Belt * (2021)
    Martinson, Carol
  2. Birzeit Water Drops - Official Bulletin of the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies (IEWS) Birzeit University - Palestine. BWD No.2 September 2005 * (2005)
    Institute of Environmental and Water Studies (IEWS)
  3. Colour in industrial effluents: its impact and removal (2000)
    Trigg, Stephanie
  4. Decentralised domestic wastewater and faecal sludge management in Bangladesh. An output from a DFID funded research project (ENG KaR 8056) (2005)
    Parkinson, Jonathan; Hasan, Mahmudul; Rashid, Haroon-Ur
  5. Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems and sanitation in developing countries (DEWATS): a practical guide * (2010)
    Ulrich, Andreas; Reuter, Stefan; Gutterer, Bernd; Sasse, Ludwig; Panzerbieter, Thilo; Reckerzugl, Thorsten; Bremen Overseas Research and Development Assocation (BORDA)
  6. Eastern African action plan. Strategic action plan for land-based sources and activities affecting the marine, coastal and associated fresh water environment in the Eastern African Region. A report prepared by Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations Project for the Protection and Management of the Marine and Coastal Areas of the Eastern African Region (EAF/5). Mauritius * (1985)
    Jootun, L.; Bhikajee, M.; Prayag, R.; Soyfoo, R.; Port Louis, Ministry of Environment and Quality of Life; University of Mauritius, Faculty of Science; Mauritius, Ministry of Local Governments and Environment
  7. Estimated use of water in the United States in 1995 (1998)
    Solley, Wayne B.; Pierce, Robert R.; Perlman, Howard A.; US Department of the Interior; US Geological Survey
  8. Health risks of irrigation with treated urban wastewater * (2009)
    Senzia, Masudi
  9. Particle size analysis and its links with final effluent quality (2005)
    Xie, Fang
  10. Possible sewage effluent irrigation for Cyprus (1983)
    Malikides, Eftychios


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