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  1. Effective wastewater treatment and re-use: learning from Lynedoch * (2011)
    Harris, Jonathan
  2. Environmental policies of industrial discharge 'Greater Cairo' (1997)
    Khallaf, Maha S.
  3. Philippine regulations on sanitation and wastewater systems (2006)
    Magtibay, Bonifacio B.
  4. Pointed gaps in the provision; quality; patronage and management of toilet facilities in Bawku East District * (2009)
    Tiimub, B M
  5. Study of biodegradation of linear alkylbenzene sulphonate in an up-flow anaerobic filter (1993)
    Reyna-Ruiz, Catalina
  6. The impacts of on-site septic tank wastewater disposal in Kampala city * (2011)
    Kagwisagye, Sam
  7. The use of effluents for irrigation : a proposal for Pernambuco, Brazil (1983)
    Dacosta, Sandra Vaz
  8. Using reed-bed system for wastewater treatment and reuse in urban semi/urban community in Gaza - Palestine * (2013)
    Afifi, Samir
  9. Water management in paper manufacture and its application in Venezuela (1989)
    D'Angelo Catalani, Manuela
  10. Water resources of Jordan. Present status and future potentials (1993)
    Salameh, Elias; Bannayan, Helen; Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature


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