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  1. Effects of high-strength fecal sludge in wastewater stabilization ponds: Port-au-Prince, Haiti * (2016)
    Martinsen, Andrea
  2. Lao People's Democratic Republic. 3 case studies about sustainable sanitation projects in Lao [Produced for UNEP with funding by KOICA Korea International Cooperation Agency] * (2011)
    CAPS Centre for Advanced Philippine Studies
  3. Life cycle approach for evaluating sanitation projects - Case study: Biogas latrine * (2009)
    Ocwieja, Sarah
  4. MSc course: Water and Waste Engineering * (2010)
    Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  5. Proposal on training programmes suggested to PUC Seychelles concerning the Greater Victoria Sewerage Project (1991)
    Charpentier, J.
  6. Report of French consultant (to Public Utilities Corporation, Mahe, Seychelles) on wastewater management in Seychelles (1990)
  7. Simplified sewerage: An appropriate option for rapid coverage in peri-urban areas of India * (2009)
    Nema, Asit
  8. Wastewater management in developing countries: Bolivia case studies * (2017)
    Cossio Grageda, Claudia
  9. Water and wastewater management in the soft drink industry in Kenya (1990)
    Magoba, J.A.
  10. Environmental assessment study for the Lagos Water Corporation under The World Bank assisted project preparation facility for The National Water Rehabilitation Project. Final report (2005)
    World Bank (WB)


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