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  1. Guidance for the reuse of waste stabilization pond effluent for sugarcane irrigation in Jamaica (2002)
    Barnett, Mark W.
  2. Oil spillage management and household water treatment in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria (2015)
    Ivry, Oyinmi Gloria
  3. Operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants - case studies in China (2005)
    Yin, Meng Meng
  4. Symposium. Integrated urban water management (IUWM). Increasing dialogue - innovating practice, 1 February 2003, University of Western Cape, City of Cape Town, South Africa (2003)
  5. Appropriate technology for Bintulu wastewater treatment works (1983)
    Lim, Peter C.K.
  6. Duckweed-based wastewater treatment (DWWT). Design guidelines for hot climates (1999)
    Moelyowati, Indra
  7. Effective water source protection - based on Paldang reservoir (1997)
    Lee, J.Y.
  8. Gross pollution within surface water management in Southeast Asia (2012)
    Harrison, Stephen
  9. Kano sewerage and drainage project (UNDP project NIR/75/102) Master plan annex C technical studies 1978 (1978)
    UNDP; Kano State, Government of, Nigeria; Dr. Gerhard Holfelder Ltd (Consultant); Gesellschaft Fur Klaranlagen Und (Consultant)
  10. Removal of phosphorus from dairy waste: case study Nestle dairy in Carlisle (2008)
    Van Lierde, Patrick


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