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  1. Arsenic mitigation. Action research findings. Alternative options (01-04). Rainwater harvesting (01). Remodeled open dug-well (02).Covered dug-well (03). Rope pump technology (04). Arsenic treatment technology (05-10). Two bucket unit (TBU) (05). Solar oxidation and removal of arsenic (SORAS) (06). Safi filter (07). Pitcher method filter (08). Alcan filter (09). Shapla filter (10). Bacteria removal technology (11-12). Solar disinfection (SODIS) (11). Terracotta filter (12). Piloting (13). Rural piped water supply piloting (13). WatSan Partnership Project (2003)
    Ferdausi, Shakil Ahmed; Al-Mahmud, Abdullah; Motaleb, Abdul; Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
  2. Case studies of data collection and decision-making for small low-income community water supply in Nepal * (2009)
    Tripathi, S
  3. Comparative performance of bone char-based filters for the removal of fluoride from drinking water * (2011)
    Mutheki, P M
  4. Household water treatment and safe storage in Kitgum, Uganda and Makanya, Tanzania (2008)
    Komakech, Charles Hans
  5. Improving access to safe water for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in a fragile state, Somalia * (2013)
    Kumamaru, Koji
  6. Juba waterworks: prospects for the future (1984)
    Lau-Kilo, Samuel W.
  7. Maintenance of the Biosand filter explored [Distance Learning] (2010)
    Singer, Sarah
  8. Rural water supply and environmental health Republic of Ghana: vol 6: standard design manual, final report (GHA-71/527 - prepared for WHO/UNDP) (1978)
    Tahal Consulting Engineers Ltd
  9. Testing the effect of fabric filtration prior to the three-pot system (2015)
    Abdulkadir, Abubakar Shettima
  10. Time lag between adding and mixing the coagulant (1992)
    Kayongo, C.M.D.


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