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  1. Water treatment with Maerua subcordata root powder (household water treatment for low-income countries) (2003)
    Sengogo, Gelebo
  2. Conservation and utilisation of traditional surface water sources in rural Bengal. Interim report (September 1990) (1990)
    All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health; National Drinking Water Mission. Department of Rural Development. Govt. of Indi; Department of Sanitary Engineering and Department of Biochemistry & Nutrition; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Nath, K.J.; Chakravarty, Indira
  3. Evaluation of a demand led biosand filter programme in the complex emergency context of Afghanistan [Distance Learning] * (2011)
    Burt, M.J.
  4. Shock chlorination: the solution to safer water? * (2018)
    Verkerk, Adriana
  5. Use of magnafloc LT25 in a batch system for emergency water treatment (2005)
    Alam, Shahjabin
  6. Design strategies and preliminary prototype for a low-cost arsenic removal system for rural Bangladesh * (2009)
    Mathieu, Johanna
  7. Drawing water: A resource book of illustrations on water and sanitation in low-income countries * (2005)
    Shaw, Rod
  8. Pathways to professionalised community water services in a protracted crisis: a case from Juba * (2018)
    Matoso, Mariana de Sousa
  9. Using KDF for removing metals and nitrate from water (1991)
    Abisabo, D.A.
  10. Arsenic contamination: Bangladesh perspective (2003)
    Ahmed, M. Feroze


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