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  1. Operations and maintenance. water supply and sewerage systems. Both brief and more detailed methods of maintenance operations and management (1990)
    Swedish Association of Local Authorities (SALA)
  2. Poster 002: The three-pot water treatment system * (2013)
    Skinner, B.H.; Shaw, Rod
  3. Promoting solar water disinfection in schools: experiences and lessons learnt in Latin America * (2011)
    Schute, M
  4. Small-scale water supply: A review of technologies (2003)
    Skinner, Brian
  5. Surface water supply in a basement complex area in Kano State (1987)
    Usman, Sanusi D.
  6. The use of inclined plate sedimentation tanks as a water treatment stage and an assessment of their use for treating turbid water in emergencies (2011)
    Jamous, Walid
  7. Water sources for Kiambu municipality. Vol. 1 (Chapters 1-4) Vol. 2 (Chapters 5-7) (1990)
    Muniu, C. Mwangi
  8. Practical approaches to minimize drinking water contamination risks: a case study in Faridpur, Banagladesh (2010)
    Kim, Han Chul
  9. Research on point of use water treatment on childhood diarrhea [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Vajpai, Bhawna Maheshwari
  10. The basic design report on the establishment project for water supply facilities in the People's Republic of Bangladesh (Narayanganj Town) (1984)
    Japan: International Cooperation Agency; JICA


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