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  1. A review of policy and standards for wastewater reuse in agriculture. Part 2: a Latin American perspective * (2000)
    Blumenthal, Ursula J.; Peasey, Anne; Mara, D. Duncan; Ruiz-Palacios, Guillermo; Saywell, Darren
  2. Accra Metropolitan Environmental Health Initiative: output to purpose review. 12-16 June 2000. Final report. Consultancy report (2000)
    Bibby, Simon
  3. Assessing demand for water supply and sanitation projects - optimising the selection of demand assessment techniques * (1999)
    Parry-Jones, Sarah; Woodfield, Julie
  4. Chlorinating small water supplies; a review of gravity-powered and water-powered chlorinators * (2001)
    Skinner, Brian
  5. Customer relations management: part A - introduction of urban water and sewage authorities in developing countries * (2001)
    Coates, Sue; Sansom, Kevin; Kayaga, Sam
  6. Customer relations management: part B - draft customer service guidelines: urban and sewerage authorities Tanzania (prepared by senior managers in urban water and sewerage authorities in Tanzania) * (2001)
    Coates, Sue; Sansom, Kevin
  7. Decentralizing water and sanitation services in federated countries: an introductory review [third draft] (2007)
    Sansom, Kevin; Reed, Brian; Scott, Rebecca
  8. Effects of the Drought on Water Supply in Northern Iraq. Final report (1999)
    Reed, Bob; Water and Environmental health at London and Loughborough (WELL)
  9. Environmental health in Uganda * (1997)
    Morgan, Joy; Water and Environmental health at London and Loughborough (WELL)
  10. Environmental health promotion capacity building: A training guide based on CARE's hygiene promotion manual * (2001)
    Morgan, Joy


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