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  1. (Archive) The introduction of rainwater catchment tanks and micro-irrigation (1969)
    Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG)
  2. 1981 Population and Housing Census guide to villages and towns of Botswana (1983)
    Botswana, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning; Botswana, Central Statistical Office
  3. 1981 Population and Housing Census: analytical report (1987)
    Botswana, Central Statistics Office
  4. 26th annual report for the year ended 31st March 1996 (1996)
    Botswana, Water Utilities Corporation
  5. A detailed evaluation of the pollution hazard to village water supply boreholes in Eastern Botswana: report GS 10/4: evaluation of underground water resources (1978)
    Lewis, W.J.; Botswana, Department of Geological Survey
  6. A handbook for village health educators: for use in self-help environmental sanitation programme Botswana (1985)
    Nyamwaya, D.
  7. A report on nitrate contamination of groundwaters in some populated areas of Botswana
    Botswana, Department of Geological Survey; Botswana, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Water Affairs; Hutton, L.G.; Lewis, W.J.; Skinner, A.C.
  8. A science and technology council. Problems and prospects in Botswana (1988)
    Clark, N.; Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG)
  9. A summary of the geology, seismicity, geomorphology and hydrogeology of the Okavango delta (1976)
    Botswana Geological Survey Department Bulletin Series 7; Hutchins, D.G.; Hutton, L.G.; Hutton, S.M.; Jones, C.R.; Loenhert, E.P.
  10. Air pollution control: annual report 1978 (1979)
    Botswana, Department of Mines


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