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  1. Management of non-revenue water: a case study of the water supply in Accra, Ghana (2008)
    Adu Yeboah, Peter
  2. Management of waste from district hospitals: reducing risks based on case study of the Hosanna Hospital in Ethiopi (2012)
    Gebre, Michael H.
  3. Mind the gap! From relief to development: a case study from the Western Sahara refugee camps (2009)
    Sagues Esteban, Daniel
  4. Partnerships to improve access and quality of public transport - A case report: Faisalabad, Pakistan * (2003)
    Khan, Atta Ullah; Hassan, Wajid; Sohail, M.
  5. Performance indicators - a case study of Zhuji water supply (China) (2012)
    Zhou, Encheng
  6. Principles and practices for the inclusion of disabled people in access to safe sanitation: a case study from Ethiopia * (2011)
    Wilbur, Jane
  7. Process of change - field notes: Capacity building in primary collection of solid waste * (2000)
    Ali, Mansoor; Cotton, Andrew
  8. Rope pump vs Nira AF85. A Ghanaian case study. (The case for the rope pump: a comparative analysis of microbiological water quality, costs and technical performance) (2004)
    Drouin, Thomas
  9. Sanitation and hygiene in developing countries: identifying and responding to barriers. A case study from Madagascar * (2007)
    Newborne, Peter; Ranaivoarisoa, Alfred; Rabeantoandro, Francis; Overseas Development Institute (ODI)/Water Policy Programme (WPP)
  10. Sustaining skimming wells: a case study from Sindh, Pakistan [Distance Learning] (2005)
    Akhtar, Mujeeb


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