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  1. People's perception on sanitation. Findings from Nepal * (2011)
    Shrestha, Rabin Lal; WaterAid Nepal
  2. Sanitation and hygiene policy - stated beliefs and actual practice: a case study in the Burera District, Rwanda * (2012)
    Ekane, Nelson; Kjellen, Marianne; Noel, Stacey; Fogde, Madeleine; Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
  3. Sanitation provision and urbanisation: lessons learned from the British Industrial Revolution (2002)
    Borstlap, Leonie
  4. Sewage treatment by institutions in Nigeria: a case study of University College Hospital, Ibadan (2014)
    Ajiboye, Jolajesu Opeyemi
  5. Shallow wells and handpumps (1981)
    Mukumwa, J.A.
  6. Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative in Lao PDR. A comparative study of small town water and sanitation services in developing countries. Case study. Final version (2002)
    Water Supply Authority (WASA); Department of Housing and Urban Planning (DHUP); Urban Research Institute (URI); Water and Sanitation Program - East Asia and Pacific; Lao People's Democratic Republic
  7. SSHE and its role on children's knowledge, attitude and perceptions (a study of 3 schools in Lagos State, Nigeria) (2012)
    Ihesiulor, Mighty Obinna
  8. Strategy for privatising solid waste management in Nairobi, Kenya (1997)
    Muchiri, Edward W.
  9. Sustainable piped water supply in rural Uganda (1995)
    Green, Andrew Willford
  10. Sustainable urban sanitation: simulating a desludging service in Senegal. Master's dissertation [MSc] (2011)
    Green, Jennifer L.


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