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  1. Ecological sanitation and socio-cultural barriers: case study in coastal Bangladesh (2009)
    Mazeau, Adrien P.
  2. Environmental management audit Dragon Bay, Port Antonio, Jamaica, W.I. Final report (1999)
    Bailly, Hagler; US Agency for International Development (USAID)
  3. GIS and computer modelling: appropriate decision making tools for developing countries (2003)
    Deeming, Kieron
  4. Monitoring the MDGs: Strategies for improved monitoring in water and sanitation * (2005)
    Fisher, Julie; Shordt, Kathy; IRC; Akanbang, Bernard; TREND
  5. On-plot sanitation in low-income urban communities: Guidelines for selection * (1998)
    Cotton, Andrew; Saywell, Darren
  6. Partnerships to improve access and quality of public transport - A case report: Colombo, Sri Lanka * (2003)
    SEVANATHA Urban Resource Centre; Sohail, M.
  7. Sewage treatment by institutions in Nigeria: a case study of University College Hospital, Ibadan (2014)
    Ajiboye, Jolajesu O.
  8. The links between school water supply, sanitation and educational attainment: a case study of Katsina State - Nigeria (2009)
    Ogwuche, Yakubu Peter
  9. Waste water treatment in Uganda (1983)
    Bomukama, S.M.
  10. Accountability arrangements to combat corruption in the delivery of infrastructure services in Bangladesh: A case study * (2007)
    Institute for Development Policy Analysis and Advocacy (IDPAA) at PROSHIKA; Sohail, M.


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