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  1. The cholera outbreak: a 2000-2002 case study of the source of the outbreak in the Madlebe Tribal Authority areas, uThungulu Region, KwaZulu-Natal * (2002)
    Cottle, Edward; Deedat, Hameda; Rural Development Services Network (RDSN)
  2. The Native American voice in United States water rights (2009)
    Rackley, Karen J.
  3. Total sanitation approach and practice. A case study in Watsan Partnership Project (WPP) Bangladesh. Aguasan workshop 19/2003, 23rd to 27th June 2003, This shit drama - are there ways out? SDC-WatSan Partnership Project (2003)
    Motaleb, Abdul; Ferdausi, Shakil Ahmed; Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
  4. Water and sanitation in urban Malawi: can the Millennium Development Goals be met? A study of informal settlements in three cities * (2009)
    Manda, Mtafu A. Zeleza; Alma Consultancy
  5. AGUASAN workshop 15/99: Private sector - just a (new) hope? A case study of private sector involvement in rural water supply in India (1999)
    Desai, Mahesh; Meera & Ceiko Pumps Pvt Ltd
  6. Groundwater recharge using wastewater: state of the art and potential for small communities of low and middle income countries (2011)
    Miyamoto, Ayako
  7. Impacts of climate change on the reservoirs and dams in ZhongXian City in China (2009)
    Yu, Zhou
  8. Irrigation rehabilitation and improvement. (volume 1 & 2) (1987)
    Field, P.D.H.
  9. Non-profit sector supply of handpump spares - lessons from Malawi (2003)
    Alexander, Zoe J.
  10. Operational problems with activated sludge treatment plants (1987)
    Al-Hmaidi, M.S.


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