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  1. Water for low-income urban communities (A WEDC Guidance Note) (2001)
    Forrest, Caroline; Ince, Margaret
  2. Water supply and sanitation inputs for Ethiopia full PRSP: background report for the Ministry of Water Resources (2002)
    Water and Sanitation Program (WSP)
  3. Why the urban poor communities make good sanitation partners: critical analysis of Kampala, Uganda (2007)
    Trecco, Olivier
  4. 40;000 Eco-toilets in Ethiopia in 4 years: What makes it work? * (2009)
    Simpson-Hebert, Mayling
  5. Mobilizing people for improved hygiene practices through hand washing campaigns in Nigeria * (2009)
    Agberemi, Zakariyah Olabisi
  6. Partnerships to improve access and quality of public transport: Guidelines and compilation CD * (2003)
    Sohail, M.; Mitlin, D.; Maunder, D.A.C.
  7. Poverty mapping. A situation analysis of poverty pockets in Gwalior (2006)
    WaterAid India; UN-HABITAT
  8. Poverty mapping. Prioritising interventions - intra slum inequities analysis. Bhopal (2007)
    Dabrase, Pramod S.; Thakkar, Mamita Bora; Mukkarjee, Anniruddhe; WaterAid India; UN-HABITAT
  9. Poverty mapping. Prioritising interventions - intra slum inequities analysis. Jabalpur (2007)
    Dabrase, Pramod S.; Mukkarjee, Anniruddhe; Thakkar, Mamita Bora; WaterAid India; UN-HABITAT
  10. Sanitation financing lessons learnt from application of different financing instruments in Busia County * (2018)
    Josphat, M


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