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  1. National Accelerated Sanitation Improvement Programme (1998-2002) (1997)
    Uganda, National Sanitation Task Force; Uganda, Ministry of Health
  2. Popularizing the Liberia WASH compact: the instrument of change in the WASH sector [ Liberia WASH compact awareness program report May 22-28, 2012] (2012)
    Liberia WASH Consortium; WaterAid Liberia
  3. Uganda country programme 1990-1995 (1989)
    UNICEF Uganda; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Uganda, Government of
  4. Learning to reach health for all. Thirty years of instructive experience at BRAC (2005)
    Rohde, Jon E.
  5. Labor-based public works projects: SFD, an Egyptian experience (1996)
    Social Fund for Development, Egypt
  6. National physical development plan. Volume II - background study report (project MLW/79/012) (1987)
    Habitat; National Physical Development Plan Project; UNDP; UNCHS - Habitat
  7. Review 2001 - 2002 (2002)
  8. Sanitation and the poor * (2003)
    Scott, Rebecca; Cotton, Andrew; Govindan, Beenakumari
  9. Supplementary funding proposal for Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund on Water and Environmental Sanitation Programme
    Federal Government of Nigeria; Federal Ministry of Water Resources & Quality Control; Department of Water Supply and Quality Control
  10. Aspects of rural water supply in Uganda (1981)
    Ssentamu, S.M.


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